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Poe Puppet (George Higham)

George Higham

"Here There be Monsters!" Browse artist and film maker George Higham's website at Why is it called "Poe Puppet"? Because of George's "stop-motion animated journey to the rotting Hell of Edgar A. Poe (Annabel Lee is distributed by Luker Films)." At, everyday is Halloween.

Lou Netter Illustration

Lou Netter

"Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels" -- Francisco Goya. Super illustrator, Lou Netter, takes Goya's credo and runs away with it.

Movies and the Modern Psyche (Sharon Packer, M.D.)

Movies and the Modern Psyche

"Psychology and cinema are kindred cousins, born at the same time and developing together, so that each influences the other. From the mind-controlling villains that occupy early horror films and Cold War thrillers (like Caligari, Mabuse, and The Ipcress File), to the asylums that house numberless political allegories and personal dramas (in Shock Corridor, Spellbound, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Girl Interrupted), to the drugs, phobias, and disorders that pervade so many of our favorite films (including, as a small sample, Vertigo, Night of the Hunter, Psycho, Rainman, Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, and Batman Begins), there is no escaping either psychology in the movies, or the movies in psychology. By looking at the interactions between cinema and psychology, this book offers readers clear and basic insights into some of the most fundamental reasons why film is such an important influence upon our lives today."

Brilliant Creations (Ken Brilliant)

Brilliant Creations

Ken Brilliant takes you through the ABC's of how he creates his brilliant creations. Ken has worked on some of TV's most popular shows as well as movies (Jurassic Park 2, X-Files: The Movie, The Chronicles of Narnia). Check out his fantastic menagerie of computer generated creatures at his website or google his book "Building a Digital Human" available at fine booksellers everywhere.

Film Flicks & Video Pix with Greg Murray

Film Flix and Video Pix

Greg Murray has been writing about his love of movies since you were in short pants. Share in the cinemania at Film Flix and Video Pix.

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