Guerrilla Films

by Edgar Allan Balzac

HOLLYWOOD Outsider's "art-bear" movie critic, Edgar Allan Balzac, tackles movies from the independent scene. We are talking real indie films, not faux Miramax/Disney "independent" films. You'll have to drag your lazy ass down to your local film-fest to check out these monster flicks.

Fish'n Chicks (2002)

Fish'n Chicks

"Fish'n Chicks" is low ball, talky, homoerotic, student-film-grade schlock about a couple of drama queens who male-bond while fishing and trading "chick" stories on a Canadian lake.

Four Letter Words (2001)

Four Letter Words

A nightmare for most college-age males is to show up at a party and find that most of his fellow partygoers are young men just as lonely, angry, desperate, and fucked-up as himself. That's just the scenario presented in director Sean Baker's "Four Letter Words", an unblinking look at a former group of high school buddies who are growing up (term used very loosely) and away from the gang in suburban New Jersey (circa 1991).

Sweets (2002)


... with "This is Spinal Tap" as the model, "Sweets" tries to do to wrestling what "Tap" did to rock and roll. Nothing is more difficult than parodying something that is a farce to begin with, like pro wrestling. "Sweets" is a one-note flick. It's a decent note, but it goes on a little too long...

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