At Random

by Edd Rockis

Well, I spun myself around the video store, closed my eyes and chose "At Random"! The concept of this column is that I march right into the video store, close my eyes and grab something random from the nearest shelf (not a new release). People in my neighborhood video store are starting to wonder what the deal is with me.

Being John Malkovich (1999)


... Now, I never really liked John Malkovich before. In fact, when I blindly selected "Being John Malkovich" I kept thinking, couldn't it have been "Being Vic Tayback"? He was so good in Alice. It's not that I hate Malkovich, I just don't want to see him on screen...

Breaking the Waves (1996)


... They have a lot of sex. And it isn't even "sexy" sex. It was disgusting I-need-a-shower-after-looking-at-these-sex-scenes sex. Well, I don't have to tell you, you've been there...

Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)


... This time around my search led me to "Flesh for Frankenstein" an "Andy Warhol presents, a film by Paul Morrissey" film. Too much name dropping if you ask me. In fact, if I was involved in this movie, I probably would've used an alias. Probably Stone Edwards. Look for it when I review Caligula...

High Anxiety (1977)


... When I selected "High Anxiety" (by chance of course) I wasn't too upset. I recalled seeing a lot of preview clips when the movie first came out. I vaguely remembered Mel Brooks on "Carson" plugging the film, and in my mind, thought it was a funny Mel Brooks Masterpiece: his timeless ode to Hitchcock. Well, time is a cruel thing...

The Myth of Fingerprints (1997)


... Michael Vartan brings along his girlfriend. Vartan too is a product of his upbringing and is having difficulties with commitment, and saying "I love you". Which is something I could never understand. Maybe it's a product of my upbringing, but I never have trouble saying, "I love you." I could say, "I love you", to a box of Triscuits and mean it...

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