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Zero Woman 2 (1995)

Directed by Daisuke Gotoh

This Japanese exploitation film is a real find if you’re a fan of nudity, rape, torture and general nastiness. It's basically a "La Femme Nikita" rip off. In this case, we follow petite Natsuki Ozawa as she alternates between blowing people's brains out and pulling her top off. Sometimes she mixes the two together. "Is it getting a little hot in here?" Ba-boom! Top's off! For such a petite woman, Natsuki has pretty big jugs but she's so skinny as to be disturbing. Her thighs are not that much bigger than her arms. I feel like buying her a big dinner and making sure she eats every morsel. Of course, it would be a real chore trying to keep her away from the bathroom. That girl should try digesting food for once!

Zero Woman 2

But I digress, the film is about an ultra-secret branch of the Japanese police known as the "zero section". Its agents are given assignments that they must complete or die in the attempt. Natsuki is given the job of recovering some stolen bonds but that leaves plenty of time for showering and sex. Actually, Natsuki confesses that the act of killing makes her hot. That's just one of many scary confessions that happens during "Zero Woman 2". She also informs us that the taste of blood is supposed to be like warm mangos but that it's not true. Yeah, whatever... I saw the rated/cut version and was fairly shocked by the graphic nature of the rapes. Picture something like "What's Up Tiger Lily" re-done by the Marquise de Sade. The movie would be entertaining and fun and all of a sudden would slam to a halt with a grueling bit of sadism. Part of the entertaining portion was the bad dubbing, again, reminiscent of "Tiger Lily". "Zero Woman 2" does have a pretty good sense of humor. Twisted but funny. It's not a bad film if you're not squeamish. (Rating: $4.33)

Tom Graney -- 1997 Hollywood Outsider

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