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The Peacemaker (1997)

Directed by Mimi Leder

The Peacemaker

The "HO" staff (whatever that is) was looking forward to "The Peacemaker" with the same kind of morbid curiosity that prompts creeps to drive past notorious crime scenes. Our anticipation and dread was based on the trailer for this turkey in which Nichole Kidman cries out in her strained American accent, "Take the shot!" We parroted this line about twenty times before the odious scene finally came up (like bile in the throat). Smirky George Clooney hams it up big-time as an army specialist who is the buddy/love interest of Mrs. Cruise (Actually, I did't get what their relationship was suppose to be or their feelings about one another). Just pray to whatever gods you pray to, Sa'heeb, that these two lunk-heads aren't in anyway representative of our last line of defense against a covert nuclear attack. I pledge that if I had a prisoner with the critical information about when and where The Bomb is going to be set off in NYC and he refuses to talk, I'll start clipping off any and all of his bits to get the information as quickly as possible. Hey, there's only eight or so million lives hanging in the balance! I also pledge that I would blow a toddler's head clean off in order to kill the terrorist scumbag that's about to commit Armageddon! Take the shot? Okay... BANG! -- Rating: $1.57

Tom Graney -- 1997 Hollywood Outsider

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