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Normal Life (1996)

Directed by John McNaughton

Based on "real" events, this pedestrian version of "Bonnie and Clyde" has only a couple things going for it and they belong to Ashley Judd. I'm not complaining but Ms. Judd shows the world how the Lord has blessed her for no other reason than to keep the audience awake during this wild turkey. Judd (who is related to the ultra-annoying country act of the same moniker) is a great actress but even her mighty efforts can't resuscitate this flat-liner. Lending some surprisingly good support is former "Beverly Hills 90210" brat-packer Luke Perry. Perry does a frightening imitation of a Bernie Goetz-like cop gone bad (if that makes any sense). Old Luke has finally found his niche -- a nerdy psycho/Tony Perkins replacement!

Normal Life

Judd plays an unstable spend-aholic who captures the heart of wound-too-tight cop, Perry. They try to play house but it's a blowout. Often drunk, Judd max's their credit cards on telescope lenses and titanium Bowie knives. Perry confronts Judd about her out of control spending. She responds by methodically cutting herself with the titanium Bowie knife. Alienated Perry quits the police force then goes on a bank robbing spree with Judd. He invests the loot in a bookstore which causes excitement hungry Judd to shack up with a Lesbian coworker. He coaxes her back by reentering crime. Of course, crime doesn't pay so it's not hard to predict the ending. Fine performances by Judd and Perry can't save this addled potboiler. -- Rating: $2.00 (one dollar for each of Ashley's "girls")

Tom Graney -- 1997 Hollywood Outsider

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