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Metro (1997)

Directed by Thomas Carter


Eddie Murphy was back on track with "The Nutty Professor" then crashed with "Metro". This is basically "Beverly Hills Cop" minus the fun. Murphy plays a gamble-holic hostage negotiator (what a combo) in San Francisco, who's trying to scam some poon from his ex-girlfriend while battling a couple of psychotic jewel thieves, Michael Wincott and his bald cousin who is a little slow. Wincott is one of these silent but deadly, indestructible-type nutzoids we have all seen a hundred times this year alone and it's boring so enough already! Also, in the grand tradition of bad filmmaking, Wincott has Murphy and girlfriend completely at his mercy but opts not to shoot them and end the movie but leaves them at the mercy of an inescapable machine of death which they both promptly escape from. If you're going to show some stale cliches you better have a twist somewhere. As Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers" might say to director Thomas Carter, "You just don't get it"! -- Rating: $1.75

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