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Men in Black (1997)

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith chase down illegal space aliens in this clever "Ghost Busters" clone. There's a story floating around that brunette sexpot, Linda Fiorentino, got the part of a sexy morgue-doc by winning a bet with director Barry Sonnenfeld in Vegas. What was her end of the bet? This rag needs to do celebrity interviews to get the answers to these important questions.

Men in Black

Anyway, this is another bug-hunt movie. Vincent D'Onofrio is an alien cockroach that wears a dead farmer as he tries to locate and destroy a mini-universe contained in a piece of jewelry. It's light entertainment that works. Jones and Smith are a good match as the mismatched "Men in Black". Kick back and enjoy the ride. -- Rating: $6.00

Tom Graney -- copyright 1997 Hollywood Outsider

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