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Lost Highway (1997)

Directed by David Lynch

Lost Highway

Director and escapee-from-the-bizarro-world David Lynch has swan dived to the nadir of a great career with this overbearing "Twilight Zone" episode. A sleepy Patricia Arquette plays duel-roles while Bill Pullman and Balthazar Getty play the same role (?) during two-hours and fifteen patience-testing minutes. The highlights -- twenty-minutes in, Ms. Arquette loses her bathrobe. Then about an hour later, she strips at gun point for mobster/nutzoid Robert Loggia. Robert Blake is also onboard imitating Eddie Munster (?) and disease ravaged Richard Pryor appears as a gas station owner. Seeing the wasted remains of one of the greatest comics to ever smoke a crack pipe is devastating. I won't even try to relate the mumbo-jumbo plot, not that I could. Rent "Live and Smoking" to cleanse the palette after this puzzler. -- Rating: $1.50

Tom Graney -- copyright 1997 Hollywood Outsider

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