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Hype! (1996)

Directed by Doug Pray


"Hype!" is a plodding documentary that takes a self-loathing look at "grunge." There are few noteworthy events. The best is when a worker at Sub-Pop Records becomes so disgusted and contemptuous of pestering rag-writers (one who wants to learn the lingo of the Seattle rock-scene) that she invents her own version of grunge Eubonics. Presto! her made-up jive-talk appears in the nation's scandal sheets as hip slang "the kids" are using. Too bad the chick at Sub-Pop wasn't directing this movie. "Hype!" doesn't compare well with similar docs like the Sex Pistol mock-u-mentary "D.O.A." or Penelope Spheeris' "Decline of Western Civilization." Don't buy the hype. Pass on this one. -- Rating: $1.00

Tom Graney -- copyright 1997 Hollywood Outsider

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